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Daily Reflections Presents
Poetry by JackiePA

Jackie and I met a few years back and since then she has been
a source of blessings, tears and laughter in my life.  Jack's
poems never fail to touch my life in some small way and I am
deeply honoured that Jackie allows here works to be used here
on the Daily Reflections site.

I pray Jack's poems will add a blessing to your day also.  Some
of her work can be read below.

Thank You to Jackie for allowing some of your writings to be 
added to Daily Reflections to bless others

The Birth Of A Poem

My mind fills with images
I daydream too much,
But wish I could paint all I see
with a wide and sweeping brush.

Beautiful images bloom in my mind
like fields of flowers in Spring,
Or wonderful visions from the past
that cause my heart to sing.

I love to share the things I see
and the lessons that I've learned,
I've walked along a rocky path
so every step was earned.

Instead, a picture I must paint
with words that touch the heart,
Deep feelings created in the soul
become words to impart.

The story begins, then softly flows
as words begin to rhyme,
  And, before I know it, I've given birth 
for the thousandth time.

I give my words to trusted friends
who cradle them with care,
Though a brand new poem is born
it's not Christened until it's shared.


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