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In Remembrance

Weep not, proud lady
America is strong,
Together we'll stand
for we've been wronged.
We'll shed our tears
for all that's lost,
But keep our spirit
no matter the cost.

We'll stand tall
and show our pride,
Hold on to hope
our faith will guide.
Tonight we pray
for innocent lives,
Lost through mentality
that evil drives.

Forever gone
families cry,
Touched by fate
question why.
We're reaching out
hand to hand,
We witnessed evil
and don't understand.

Tomorrow will come
the sun will shine,
We'll overcome
a despicable crime.
The flag will fly
its red, white, and blue,
May God bless America
and every one of you.

~ JackiePA ~
©used with permission  September 11, 2001

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