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When I started using drugs
It was all just fun and games,
Hanging out, getting high, and
Feeling no pain.

Having lots of fun
Running with the crowd
Doing what I wanted
When I knew it wasn't allowed.

Slowly, day by day, those drugs
Changed my life
Always getting in trouble
Living from night to night.

At some point I became addicted
I'm not sure when or how
I started lying, cheating and scheming
Of those things, I am not proud.

Addiction is cunning
It's a baffling disease
It makes you very selfish
It creates enemies.

But in the shadow of darkness
There is a ray of hope
You can defeat addiction
You can take control.

The journey through recovery
Is a long and treacherous road
But if you have the courage
Just reach out and take hold.

Take hold of your dignity
Regain your happy life
You are not alone
With God by your side

He'll walk you through the shadows
Of heartache and pain
Give your will to him
You have everything to gain.

Laura 2002

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although Jackie didn't write it herself,
the author who is very close to her did
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