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Christmas Is Coming

Snow is gently falling
Christmas is in the air,
And children patiently wait
for Santa to get there.

Christmas trees are dressed
with love and tender care,
Candy canes and sugar plums
and wrapped in angel hair.

There's stockings by the chimney
hanging in a crooked row,
Each waiting to be filled
from top down to the toe.

Once the house is quiet
and children in their beds,
A bearded man will appear
in a suit of fiery red.

The huge sack he carries
will be filled with gifts and toys,
Designed to put wonder
in the eyes of girls and boys.

Early Christmas morning
when they look beneath the tree,
They'll find their wishes waiting
whatever they may be.

And, at the top of the world
Santa will climb from his sleigh,
Give the reindeer a special treat
then relax for just one day.

©  JackiePA
Christmas 2000 ~ Used with permission
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