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Easter Sunday 2003

The war nearly over, a new day dawns
may peace arise on Easter morn,
With the sky painted pink, a vision of joy
there's hope for a country that war has destroyed.

At outdoor services that begin at first light
or in churches filled with lilies of white,
People will gather across this great land
Bowing their heads, together they'll stand.

Wrapped in freedom, our country safe
Thoughts will travel to a war torn place,
America's young soldiers still must patrol
easing the chaos and humanely control.

We'll never forget all that they gave
over a hundred soldiers now in their grave,
The ultimate sacrifice had to be made
and an enormous price tragically paid.

Many families met their worst fear
the days ahead will be filled with tears,
On Easter Sunday, may the country pray
for the victims of war and for peace to stay.

Author: JackiePA
Used with authors permissison