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How do you define friendship
when there's many different kinds,
Some are friendships of the heart
and others of the mind.
As you meander down life's path 
and walk through many doors,
The friendships that are most meaningful
are those that reach the core.
They are the friends that truly know
the person who lives inside,
They want to help and support you
never push, but gently guide.
Some only stay awhile
I call them angels in disguise,
They help you through hard times
and leave when you can fly.

Others become lifelong friends
and stay throughout the years,
Sharing joy and sorrow
your laughter and tears.

A lifelong friend is the epitomy
of friendship defined,
If you have one, be grateful
for being richly entwined.

an original writing by
all rights reserved
used with authors permission







Original Artwork of Sandra Kuck
Used with written permission.