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Golden Thoughts

Today I was remembering
Special people from the past,
Those who came and stayed awhile
And those who left too fast.

There's a purpose for every friendship
It's part of a greater plan,
Friends are really angels 
Assigned to take your hand.

Sometimes they come at the darkest hour
Sometimes they come for fun,
But no matter what the reason 
Friends brighten our lives with sun.

They help us find the inner root
That needs nurturing to grow,
They gently guide and encourage
The gathering of seeds to sow.

When it's time for them to leave
It's hard to say good-bye,
But angels have great wisdom
They know when we're ready to fly!

Please accept this greeting, my friends
It's filled with wishes to impart,
And wrapped in the silver lining
Are golden thoughts from my heart.

(c) 1999  all rights reserved
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