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Today I've been thinking of the life that I lead,
The experiences I've known that began with a seed.
A tiny seed planted, perhaps in a dream,
Causes visions to emerge before the sun beams.

The feelings so subtle are easily denied, 
When opportunity knocks it's often disguised.
So many coincidences, or so it seemes,
but they became blessings beyond my dreams.

As years swiftly pass I strongly believe,
That upon my shoulder an angel leads.
She helps choose the path, then guides the way,
I trust her judgement, she won't let me stray.

I've walked rocky paths, crossed unstable terrain,
Rocks became stepping stones to experiences gained.
My mind has been challenged along the paths traveled,
And I've been blessed as experiences unraveled.

Now, as I grow older I set intuition free,
Trust my instincts for gifts I can see.
New experiences I welcome, coincidence is a friend,
And the angel on my shoulder knows the path to send.

Used with authors permission