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Morning Thoughts

                            I'm grateful for this golden day
                         and the blessings that come my way.
                         My friends at work, my friends online
                       the friends I've had through endless time.
                           Sisters, brothers, forever friends
                       children, grandchildren, love without end.

                           In many ways I've been blessed
                         sometimes forgotten, I must confess.
                       The sun in the morning, the moon at night
                         given to me through the gift of sight.
                           The beautiful sounds that I hear
                        the gift of strength to live without fear.

                          With feelings deep, I sit and write
                           a gift on long and lonely nights.
                         I walk on beaches and wooded trails
                             to foreign shores I can sail.
                           So many dreams have come true
                           my spirit lifted, my faith renewed

                       I've traveled the world, experienced things
                        my soul's been touched, my heart sings.
                        I'm grateful for life, there's much to do
                           places to go, goals brand new.
                            But of all the gifts given to me
                         it's the gift of health that lets me be.

                                   May 30, 2002

Used with authors permission
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