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Peace is the absence of conflict
within the heart and soul,
A place I long to be
for peace is my final goal.

It's hearing the sound of silence
without ever feeling alone,
Or making a spiritual connection
that somehow takes you home.

Peace is looking at a sunset 
and knowing who to thank,
Or reflecting on wonderful times
stored in one's memory bank.

The pitter-patter of a summer rain
as it softly falls,
Gives a sweet contentment
a feeling you have it all.

Rocking a precious baby
who's sleeping in your arms,
Surrounded by your family
brings a peaceful calm.

The sound of a mate's breathing
close by you each night,
Is so deeply comforting
before dreamland's peaceful flight.

It's peace that I pray for
and conflict that I avoid,
May peace be felt around the world
so humanity won't be destroyed.

~  Author:  JackiePA  © ~
Used with permission
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