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Look up at the heavens tonight
see the beauty of the stars,
Take a moment for reflection
let the magic take you far.

What brings happiness to your life
is your goal material things,
Is it love that you're searching for
or the feeling that peace can bring?

What is your fondest dream
what do you really need,
What gifts can you give
when was your last good deed?

Close your eyes, feel the power
of stars shining through the night,
You can make a difference
if your heart feels the light.

Think of the citizens of the world
looking at the same star filled sky,
Their wants and needs may be different
and their prayer is not to die.

The world is filled with human beings
without a home or food to eat,
Many live with bombs and guns
when all they want is peace.

How does it make you feel
when you see the suffering in life,
Though we cannot change the world
we can ease one person's strife.

Rather than wish upon a star
I make a quite plea,
May the birth of a brand new year
set a caring spirit free.

The only way to change the world
no matter who you are,
Simply begin, not by a wish . . .
but a promise on a star.

(updated 2002)
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