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The river of life meanders along
doesn't question right or wrong.
Where does it go, where does it end
I can't see the river when it rounds the bend.

It flows through the day and into the night,
Never stopping for passion or plight.
Through good times or bad it rushes by
The river of life seems to fly.

The river of life brings currents strong
wasted moments dead and gone.
Beautiful days and star filled night
a harvest moon and dawn's first light.

It flows from the mountains toward the sea
Embrace the days happily.
When there's storms it may run deep
but will leave a lesson for you to keep.

The river of life flows along
before you know, it will be gone.
Where did it go, when will it end
I can't see the river around the bend.

©  JackiePA 
July 2003 - Used with permission
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