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Strength comes when most in need   
beneath the surface there is a seed,    
At the darkest moment the seed will grow
And inner strength begin to show.  

It doesn't matter who you are
a shy person or shining star,
When life is hard, or when it stings
you control whether you cry or sing.

You can smile when you're down
or perhaps you'd rather wear a frown,
It doesn't matter,  problems end
when strength becomes your new best friend.

When your days are filled with gloom
dig way down so blossoms bloom,
Tap the strength that's deep inside,
and feel your heart fill with pride.

©  JackiePA 
July 2003  Used with permission
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The painting used in this set is called "Girl At Mirror"
by Norman Rockwell, one of my favourite American artists.
It first appeared on the Saturday Evening Post cover on March 6, 1954.
The image was scanned from my personal collection.

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