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September's Storm

I sense a dark cloud descending
a gloom is in the air,
Remembering the horrific attack
the nation is deep in prayer.
Are we safe as a people
I don't think so anymore,
I sense the storm clouds rolling
are we're heading for a war?

Thinking this is painful
we've been there times before,
But this time it is different
the enemy is at our door.
How many sons and husbands
will perish for this cause,
The possibilities are staggering
and worth the time to pause.

Think about the hatred
that festers like a boil,
How many lives will be lost
on America's precious soil?
Before moving forward
it's important to reflect,
Let peace be the objective
may our leaders carefully inspect.

But, if darkness comes and night is long
we'll stand united through thick and thin,
No matter what the future holds
we're brothers and sisters under the skin.
May our leaders have the wisdom
to protect American lives,
Let there be peace on earth
and let love be the force that drives.

September 2002
Used wit authors permision
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