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On a beautiful morning early in May
something unforgettable happened that day.
Never again would life be the same
that was the first day I learned about pain.

The birth of a baby, a miracle to see
turned into a nightmare far beyond me.
My first tiny baby, how I ached for her touch
but it wasn't allowed, and almost too much.

I remember her cry as she entered the world
And it wasn't a cry of a delicate girl.
A deafening silence filled the room
as this new little soul emerged from the womb.

Something was wrong, I knew right away
I saw in a flash she'd never run and play.
She was a strong baby, but was it God's will
to live on this earth with legs so still?

Over and over my mind questioned, "Why"
while terrified thinking that maybe she'd die.
Quickly she was gone, taken away
moved to a place where her life would be saved.

When I saw her again my fears disappeared
she needed my strength to get through the years.
Looking back now I know I was wrong
for she was the one who taught me to be strong.

 ~   JackiePA  ~
©1962 - Used with permission
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