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Watercolor Memories

Watercolor memories dance through my mind
colors of happiness from another time.
Organdy dresses in pink, white, or blue
twirling and tapping in patent leather shoes.

Birthday parties, picnics on the beach
riding the carousel, brass ring out of reach.
Hopscotch, jump rope, oh - was it fun
hide and seek until dusk, then home we'd run.

Hand dipped ice cream, popsicle treats
citrus shades of coolness we loved to eat.
Picking wild flowers strewn across the fields
buttercups and daisies was the greatest yield.

Biking the ocean drive on crystal clear days
under a blue sky and the sun's soft ray.
Climbing rocks, tempting crashing surf
feeding sea gull while playing on their turf.

Capturing tiny crabs, pools nestled in the rocks
watching the sun go down, tick-tock, tick-tock.
Watercolor memories from my childhood days
I know I was lucky to roam and freely play.

© 2003  JackiePA 


Music "Remember"
Used with permission  Bruce DeBoar