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Who is the man
who professes love
but gives pain?

What is wrong
with a man
who uses his fists
or open hand
on the woman
he claims to love?

What is his rage,
from where does
the anger come?

How can he steal her life
gain her trust
take her love
then stomp on her
until she lay in a pool
of her own blood?

How small he must be
How inferior he must feel
How scared he is inside.

He knows she will rise.
For she is strong,
smarter than he,
a beautiful woman
with talent and ability.

He knows that one day
she will look in the mirror
at her bruised and battered face
and say, "enough".

He knows she will leave
that she'll survive
and he cannot.

He knows he is nothing,
a worthless excuse 
for a human being.

So he holds her down
with brute force
until the day
that her inner voice
says, "GO, NOW"
and love again.

You are worthy
he is not.

She finally listens
she leaves
she soars
she's happy
she's loved
and he is alone.

© JackiePA
2001  Used with permission
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Music "When Teardrops Fall"
 Bruce DeBoar