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Winter's cold and falling snow
has a beauty of its own,
And Mother Nature will again
come calling at my home.

As snow begins falling
it quickly covers the ground,
With flakes as white as angel's wings
and silence all around.

Wind whips through the evergreens
the snow drifts deep and cold,
I safely watch from my window
as a magnificent landscape unfolds.

Outside there's a wonderland
of jewel encrusted trees,
Wrapped with sparkling diamonds
a priceless treasure to see

I love to walk through falling snow
bundled up and warm,
Hearing the sound of silence
knowing there's shelter from the storm

There's a warm home waiting
when cold winds start to blow,
I can sit by a fire and savor the warmth
relax in a peaceful glow.

But what about those in a far away land
when snow covers the ground,
Their challenge is to stay alive
as the misery of winter surrounds.

Innocent people caught in a war
grateful to find a cold tent,
They'd die to give their children a home
warm clothing and nourishment,

And, oh, the beautiful children 
without warm beds to sleep,
No jammies, no blanket, no Teddies to cuddle,
just horrible memories to keep.

I know how fortunate I truly am
in warmth and comfort I stay,
This year when snow begins to fall
I'll look out the window and pray.

© JackiePA 
December 14, 2001
(Inspired by the children of Afghanistan)
Used with permission
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