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When a mind is troubled, or a heart grieves,
When beliefs are tested, or all that one perceives,
Stand by the ocean and feel the power,
Of raging surf that appears to tower,
And you won't feel alone.

Gaze at the sky on a moonlit night,
As a million stars shed their light,
How huge the universe seems to be,
Stretched across the heavens endlessly,
Oh - you won't feel alone.

Walk through a garden in early morn
See tiny dew drops on deep green lawn,
Feast on the colors of exquisite flowers,
Be with yourself for just an hour,
No, you won't feel alone.

Rolling thunder may be born,
And flashes of lightening mark the storm,
But when it's over, a rainbow is sent,
A magnificent gift that's only lent,
So you'll know you're not alone.

~ JackiePA ~
©used with permission, July 2003
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